Simple Highlighter Firefox extension

Simple Highlighter is a Firefox extension designed to highlight content on visited pages. It make easier gathering information from the web. This add-on streamlines the process of collecting and organising text from currently visited webpage into a structured markdown format, making it easier to review and reference later in any other application.

Post and project in progress but by now:

Interaction principles in user interface design

We all get a strange vibe when we encounter poor design. Whether it’s a user interface, a workflow or something as seemingly simple as a switch. Poor design frustrates us, angers us, limits us. We want to do something and we can’t. And we feel like it’s our fault. How can I be such an idiot and not know how to make this work. No, you can’t! The fault is not yours but a bad design in which the fundamental principles of interaction have not been used.

Design process illustration.
Design process
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Icon Footnote WordPress plugin

A simple WordPlugin to enhance your text with beautiful footnotes signalised with icons. Yes like the one used in here to add just an example footnote. Just pick your favourite color, selecta and icon and then add your footnote to your pages and posts.

Examples of icons that you can use on your footnotes.
Some of the icons that you can use on your footnotes after installing the plugin.

As any other WordPress plugin you can install Icon Footnote directly from the official plugin directory. Also it is distributed as open source software. You can get the code on the project’s GitHub repo.

I know it looks awesome! You can set it also on your blog.

Bike Pixels

Bike Pixels is a project with the aim to build a set of highly customizable rear and front bicycle lights. The current prototype enables to pick an image (square, circle, heart, alien, etc.), change the color (almost any like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, etc.), configure the brightness and setup the desired animation (static, blinking, beating, moving).

Bike Pixel L prototype.


We plan to produce unless three products:

  • Bike Pixel S: a smaller version (~4x4x4cm) to be mounted on the front of the bike.
  • Bike Pixel M: a smaller version (~6x6x2cm) to be mounted on the front or the rear of the bike.
  • Bike Pixel L: a bigger version (~9x9x1cm) to be mounted on the rear side of the bike or like a wearable or on a backpack.

Open Hardware

We have the mission of spreading the word about the Open Hardware and Open Software world. and the project is englobed on the Open Hardware movement. Along with each model, a complete documentation and all the sources are published. In our blog we promote topics like DIY, electronics, PCB creation, 3D printing and other topics related with the maker world.

The project has been already certified by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) and all the documentation to build our current prototype is available on GitHub.

In addition keeping our Open Hardware vision, DIY kits with all the required pieces necessary to build your own version at home are available for sale.

Road map

Bike Pixels is not finished yet. Currently we are working to include a build-in battery, add Bluetooth communication, create Android and iOS applications that will enable setup custom images and animations and develop some automatic functionalities (like indicate turn or stop maneuvers).

We have also a long term vision. In the future we would like to release other cycling (and not only) wearables like gloves, helmets, shirts, etc. With this aim we are experimenting with new components like neo pixel belts, flexible RGB matrixes. We have a lot of ideas!

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