Open Sesame!

Open Sesame!

We create products and services based on open technologies. We leverage the work and knowledge of millions of other people available in open source software, open hardware and open data to build new products. Our solutions stands on the shoulders of giants.

Start-up your business

Start-up your business

We can guide you from your idea to a final product focusing on open technologies so you can focus on the important.

We manage everything for you so you can manage your infrastructure in one place. From landing page and a blog to your backend and business intelligence integration. A real full stack development.

Legacy software

Legacy software update

Yes, we can fix that project you've had in the drawer for years.

Yes, we can integrate that old application in your new system or REST API.


  • Simple Highlighter Firefox extension
    Simple Highlighter is a Firefox extension designed to highlight content on visited pages. It make easier gathering information from the web. This add-on streamlines the process of collecting and organising text from currently visited webpage into a structured markdown format, making it easier to review and reference later in any other application. Post and project… Read more: Simple Highlighter Firefox extension
  • Icon Footnote WordPress plugin
    A simple WordPlugin to enhance your text with beautiful footnotes signalised with icons. Yes like the one used in here to add just an example footnote. Just pick your favourite color, selecta and icon and then add your footnote to your pages and posts. As any other WordPress plugin you can install Icon Footnote directly… Read more: Icon Footnote WordPress plugin
  • Bike Pixels
    Bike Pixels is a project with the aim to build a set of highly customizable rear and front bicycle lights. The current prototype enables to pick an image (square, circle, heart, alien, etc.), change the color (almost any like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, etc.), configure the brightness and setup the desired animation (static, blinking,… Read more: Bike Pixels



Tell us what you need. There is nothing imposible*. Just contact us!

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